Many moons ago before he was a light chasing,  reflection capturing,  observer of detail in all things building and landscape - there was a boy called Nick.   This boy grew up with a fierce sense of loyalty to all he called his including his city,  Dunedin.     

A beautiful city  with a rather cold and blustery exterior - a city that had a way of charming people,  a city with heart.  

As for the gardener well it's now 20 years since  a young farm lass from sunny Marlborough (the land where all the goodness grows) ventured far beyond the farm gates to pursue adventure and education in Dunedin.   During that time she met the photographer only he wasn't the photographer yet,   he was more.......grunge boy.   

As good stories go they fell in love,   married and settled in a  home on a hill,  a  little character cottage with views of the sea and the city below. 

Ten years later grunge boy and the gardener welcomed singing girl and the family was complete.   For 20 years he was a window cleaner spending his days on the streets of dunedin, cleaning glass,  observing glass,   looking through glass.  At times he hung from a rope and cleaned windows from heights,   with perspective,  cleaning glass,  observing glass, looking through glass.     Buildings and glass,  glass and buildings.

Then came some photos -  shapes,   lines,  light,  reflections,  structure,  dusk, dawn,  clouds and always windows of course.   The photographer was an early riser and began to capture some of his day on the streets,   snippets of the beauty created in this city where the old meets the new.     On a quest to reveal the uniqueness that has been generated by the city's people,  past and present.   

It’s been an intriguing journey about Dunedin for the photographer and the gardener,   that simple pictures could reveal a little more of this grand old city as her tale continues to be woven.